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Matrix Capital Introduction

So far, we have always insisted on creating a trading platform that foreign exchange brokers respect. The company adopts the STP straight-through processing system as its business model, and provides transparent pricing, so that the platform and customers do not have any conflicts of interest, enhance each other's transaction performance, and create wealth together. Matrix Capital is also committed to establishing friendly and stable cooperative relations with many important liquidity providers in the market and, which can combine different market depths and provide customers with the most real-time quotation. , The most competitive low spreads and the best liquidity. Matrix Capital strives to exceed the expectations of traders, provides more comprehensive services and support, and strives to create a better trading experience for traders. These include powerful market analysis tools to calculate investment risks for customers, online guides, educational resources and 24/7 customer service support so that every customer can get a high-quality trading experience.

  • STP straight-through trading mode ensures that trading orders can be directly submitted to the international market for transactions without going through any trading desk, and it also avoids the conflict of interest between foreign exchange brokers and traders.
  • Second-speed transaction execution, without any transaction restrictions, and strive to complete the deposit and withdrawal of each transaction within 1 second.
  • Provide diversified deposit and withdrawal channels, customers can manage their funds in the safest and fastest way to deposit and withdraw funds.
  • With years of experience in the foreign exchange industry and professional financial knowledge reserves, Matrix Capital can truly understand the needs of each trader, and take the trader as the main consideration to build today's trading platform. To enhance investors' confidence in foreign exchange transactions, Matrix Capital has spared no effort to implement fund security measures and is committed to ensuring the safety of customers' funds.
  • Mission
  • As we all know, Matrix Capital constantly monitors, maintains and plans solutions, provides real-time data quotations and the most immediate market news. With the unremitting perseverance of the team, Matrix Capital has successfully established friendly and stable cooperative relationships with many important liquidity providers in the market and, which can combine different market depth liquidity. Provide customers with the most real-time quotes, the most competitive low spreads and the best liquidity. Also, Matrix Capital executes all customer orders in seconds, which is also one of the keys for Matrix Capital to become a reliable trading platform.
  • The foreign exchange market is the world's largest financial product market, and it is also considered the most active and liquid financial product in the world, with an average daily trading volume of up to 5 trillion U.S. dollars.
  • 24 hours a day transaction
  • High leverage ratio, can use the least capital to invest in a larger amount, effectively improve the utilization rate of funds
  • Buy and sell at any time, there is no bull or bear market, you can buy or sell a currency at any time to make a profit
  • High liquidity, few or no one can control the trend of the foreign exchange market. It is recognized as the fairest investment market in the world
    Matrix Capital continues to create value-added investment plans for customers, providing mutually beneficial and win-win introduction broker cooperation programs, allowing customers to obtain additional profits by introducing new businesses. We will give introducing brokers in-depth training to improve their foreign exchange knowledge, enhance their market analysis capabilities, and work together to complete the mission of creating brilliant. In addition to improving the quality of each trader and broadening the investment horizons of introducing brokers, we have also set up a more complete and personalized introduction broker link interface based on the interests of customers, allowing you to control the relationship between yourself and its investors at any time Transaction status, to operate your foreign exchange business more efficiently.
  • High rebate
  • Ensure daily payment of commission
  • Low threshold, provide professional guidance and training
  • Provide marketing materials needed to help improve performance
Matrix Capital continues to shape entrepreneurial opportunities and is committed to providing several value-added investment plans and cooperation programs, and to provide the most comprehensive support to partners to help them progress together on the road to success.